30 day Letter Challenge

Floating Euphoria

You see things and you say, ‘Why?’. But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’ – George Bernard Shaw

Day 5 – Letter to my dreams

Dear dreams,

Seldom do you visit me at nights (and I must admit, I prefer my uninterrupted sleep) but you are my reason to hop out of bed every morning. My endeavor is to follow each one of you or the ideas you implant in my mind. Even if it’s in my own little world, I’m soaring with every passing day because of you..

In your rare visits you choose to make no sense to me most of the times and I wish I could recall more of you. I’m often trying to capture that one thing that appears in sharp detail in my dreams amongst the surrounding chaos and this exercise tires me. But sometimes you visit me just when I need you to come. You come with a sign or a message and you leave me with a smile on my face and a peaceful sleep. There are times when I wish I could reach up and touch you.. you give me the desire to step up and do something beyond my forte. You give me hopes, you give me restless sleeps but most of all you give me a reason to wake up every morning.. you give me my goals in the form of dreams..

To those dreams:

You and I share an ethereal relationship.. One where we own each other in our respective ways that only we know..  I have you locked away in some corner of my mind.. my heart and even then it is you who writes out my daily agenda and I merely follow. It is because of your constant presence that I wake up thinking that I must do something today in order to step closer to accomplishment. I have my arms stretched forth waiting to hold the various pictures that you’ve shown me and I promise you that I will continue to work towards owning them one day.

Nothing seems crazy when you know how to dream; when you can dare to dream. I remember how I laughed at myself the first time I was told to join Art class. ‘Drawing and colouring pictures?! You’ve got to be kidding me!’.. and then the whole joke seemed perfectly sensible the next morning just because my mind whispered ‘Sketching is it? That’s what I want to do!’ and regardless of my likes/dislikes or the opportunities surrounding me, I believed that if I woke up wanting to do something then I should do it simply because I can!

You’ve given me hopes, you’ve given me ideas, you’ve given me the strength to change my dreams into my reality but most of all you’ve turned me into someone who dares to dream day in and day out.

Life would be no fun if all the mysteries of tomorrow were allowed to run free. There would be no charm in succeeding each one of your dreams. In conquering what you professed to be an idea, a mere thought.

It is impossible for me to overlook you and I will never stop in striving to reach you. I get so impatient at times and all that I want to do is pray for you with my eyes closed and watch you come to life in front of me.

Whatever bit I have achieved has already bypassed expectations and for whatever there is to come .. we’ll let time unfold it’s surprises. I hope we can turn all my abstract goals into tangible achievements one day and till then.. sweet dreams to you and me..


Chase your dreams till they are truly yours..

3 thoughts on “Floating Euphoria”

  1. Dreams are a mere vision, they come in our sleep and sometimes while we are awake..and at all times they look beautiful..its charm lies in the message it carries..Its a ray of hope and light when all the possible things look impossible..it’s when an aim, an objective is presented in simplest form..dream high to reach the sky but never loose hope if your hands don’t get to touch it..

  2. It seems quite interesting to talk to your dream and the way you and your dream play with each other, as it looks through your words, makes the writing very catchy. Apart from this blog after reading your letter to your siblings, I felt that you are blessed with the ability of expressing the depth of your love for them which doesn’t seem to me that easy to express.
    I would say you are really a very good sister.

  3. Whatever bit I have achieved has already bypassed expectations and for whatever there is to come .. we’ll let time unfold it’s surprises. I hope we can turn all my abstract goals into tangible achievements one day and till then.. sweet dreams to you and me……love the way you concluded your blog and said bye to your dream..

    Dream..an extremely short word…but look at it…..it makes such huge difference in our lives and that to everyday.. i believe a person is very unlucky who is deprived of this Blessing. A dream is the best confirmation letter you get when you are uncertain , confused and not confident in doing something. like you spoke about your sketching example..it was your dream which motivated you and told you…that hey Go for it girl :)! i think at all times my dreams have been a motivation , inspiration and the push to acheive my goals. we all should dream and enjoy the beauty of it…

    Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires” faith “and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. So start believing and start Dreaming!!

    well expressed api :)! after reading this i got to know a whole new side of Dreams!! thankyou!:)!

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