30 day Letter Challenge

Knowing a stranger

Day 6 – Letter to a stranger

Dear Stranger,

When I was a kid my parents spoon fed me with clear instructions about meeting people I didn’t know… ‘Never get into a conversation with a stranger. Strangers are bad, they can be dangerous. Never accept anything from a stranger.. not even a chocolate.’ And those last few words would always break my heart.. that’s a free chocolate bar.. gone.

But with time I experienced how complete strangers could sometimes morph into great friends. People I know today, were strangers not too long ago. Our first few meetings and conversations may have been calculated and hesitant but it’s done wonders in certain cases – to those strangers, I’ll always treasure running into to you!

There will be so many more strangers that I will meet in the coming years. To some it will be easy to talk, in some I may see a potential friend and some will always … well, remain strangers. I may share a lot of habits or hobbies with some people out there and yet never get to know them. Whereas, a stranger and I may have unseen bonds….some sort of an invisible attraction that forces us to get to know each other. I await meeting all of you one day.. and maybe we can be more than mere strangers to each other.

But you, dear stranger, I see you everyday. Yes we meet every day and we spend an unbelievable time together.. but it’s irrefutable how much of a stranger you still are to me.. and probably will always be. With each day you grow, you learn and I sense an extra line of maturity on your face which shall one day turn into a wrinkle. We’ve been so close and yet you surprise me. You surprise me with how you face a new day. You surprise me with what you say sometimes. You surprise me with how you think sometimes. Just when I decide that you are gentle, I find you getting upset over a petty issue. Just when I decide that you have immense faith in God, I find you getting reckless and impatient. Each day that I spend with you somehow bridges the gap that exists between a stranger and someone you know and yet, you surprise me. So I guess this is how it’ll always be. I will continue to discover a new side of you with every passing day. I’m glad I have you, I’m glad we feel the same way and I’m sure one day we’ll be friends….

To confront you seemed impossible

I was told that you don’t exist

But I was sure that you were here somewhere..

Talking to you today, was worth taking the risk..


I wanted to run away from the thought of you

Your existence, from your very being…


But I can’t run away, I can’t ignore you..

Then why try escaping someone you’re always seeing..


Could I turn back and never look at you?

Could I tell you everything that I had ever thought of you..?


How I once felt you were all that I needed

How I had felt your embrace..

How it seemed that there could be nothing better..

Than your being, your faith, your grace..


But I saw your passion turn into a quiver

I sometimes saw you leaping that line of grace

From someone impressive you sometimes turned ugly

With every beat of life, I saw you losing your pace..


You seem so lost, so frustrated, so hollow

And I don’t even know you, then why should I follow


But whether you like it or not I have the option to quit

To leave you behind and move away for a bit


So I came before you for a final goodbye

You,  stranger, would you now say something? Something that’s not a lie..


But not a single word came out..

Just a contemptible sigh..

And I felt your swift smile..It was then that I asked ‘why?’..


And stranger, that’s when you told me

I hated how easily you spoke..

You showed me where I was standing

And that’s when my arrogance broke


As confused as I could possibly be, I attempted to look around..

In an empty room, was where I found myself

Lying before a mirror, lifeless on the ground..


An impossible encounter was suddenly making sense..

For the first time ever I looked straight into your eye..

Without any fear and without a clue

And I heard you in clearer words this time

Saying that you’re not a stranger but that I have always been you..

– Mehar…


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