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The triangle became a stupid flat line

These letters are getting impossible now.. I’ve written to people thanking them, telling them that I miss them, telling them that I want to meet them and then there’s a never ending list of all the hate mails! And now this 30 days letter thing wants me to write to someone I’ve drifted away from? I don’t even know what that means?! Primarily because in my life, I either like a person or I don’t like a person.. It’s pretty much black or white.. but exceptions include; people from the family (unavoidable I swear), someone who has the authority over something you’ve always wanted or desperately need (only God knows how many smiles I passed at the bloody HEC people!) and some people with whom there’s just an awkward silence about a bad event (You can’t decide what side of the like/don’t like list that person belongs too. You’re always calling each other all sorts of names in your head but due to the circumstances you’ve got to smile and nod at each other …. AAAWKKWARD!). I guess that indiscernible gap of awkwardness is what drifting away is all about to me.

Letter 14 – Someone you’ve drifted away from

Dear You, (*smiles & nods*)

Well we were never too close to have sufficiently drifted apart in the first place but I guess we both took our steps back (I probably took two..). It’s extremely confusing when you get acquainted with someone because of someone else and then due to an event that ‘someone else’ falls out of the picture leaving just you and the unknown randomly acquainted someone. Our story happens to be on the same lines.

Prior to that one dreadful event, we would often have comfortable, casual conversations and we never ran out of topics to talk about. Despite our everlasting difference of opinions, I always enjoyed hearing your point of view. Definitely coincidently, there were a few times when we’d share the same thought and laugh about it.

The idea of having a weird silence in between all our talks now is creepy and annoying. Creepy because both of us know this isn’t normal and annoying because both of us wouldn’t do anything about it! It’s been how long? Nearly two years?.. wow.. two years and every time we run into each other, be it at my place or somewhere outside, there’s the whole telepathy session of calling each other weird names coupled with a stupid smile and constant, pointless nods.

To drift away from someone, even when you weren’t too close to them, is like you had the best slice of pizza in your hands and just when you were about to take your first bite the phone rang; so you left your slice of pizza on your plate for a while to take that call and by the time you return, your pizza was obediently lying there just that it was no longer quite as good. You can’t throw it away.. because.. well…oh come on.. that’s a pizza slice there! .. okay, nevermind.. *focus mehar focus!* So yeah, I can’t completely pretend to not know you, but every time I see you, we both have a replay of that one event regarding someone and then there’s just plain awkwardness in the air.

See people just shouldn’t get to know each other in the form of a triangle; it turns into a stupid flat line if one of the vertex goes missing. We can’t point fingers and play the blame game because neither of us wronged each other. But what hurts is how sometimes we persistently avoid facing the truth. But heck, at times it’s no good facing anything. Some damages are irreparable and everyone knows that. Sometimes sorry just isn’t enough.

Anyway, this was never about you and me. We’ve just been trudging our own ways hoping not to bump into each other and having to deal with the awkward silence. But hey, it was good back in the old days. I thought of you differently then and I was happy for someone. But you proved your own self otherwise and now I know that what I had thought of you was a bunch of contradicting lies. It’s probably factual that people like being lied to; it’s just that they don’t like finding out that they’ve been lied to.

Have a good life.






Not sure if a time machine would help..

I wanted to say that I owe nobody an apology because my acts are backed with reasons that are strong enough to neutralize the problem, but nobody’s perfect and so this is for everyone I’ve ever hurt..

Letter 13 – Someone you wish could forgive you

Dear You,

I most certainly wish I could go back in time and act differently so as to save the cracks that I caused in our relation. I really am sorry for hurting you in the various intentional/unintentional ways; sometimes with my unsolicited advice and sometimes because of my belief that I had a say in your life.. but what can I say, I am not perfect.

I’m good at complaining, I admit, but I hope you see that I am also aware of the flaws I provide refuge to. I whole heartedly apologize for all my childish, selfish acts & I do hope we could start afresh.

But, like a friend once told me, I to believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason and regardless of how difficult the situation appears to be, you just got to hold onto a single fact – God has a plan for each one of us.




You worked hard.. but not hard enough

Letter 12 – Someone you hate; someone who hurt you the most

Seldom do we realize the weightage a four letter word may hold before choosing to use it routinely. I am a resilient person who has an extremely sharp memory when it comes to people who I don’t respect anymore. The good memory probably juxtaposes to form the perfect blend so long as its about keeping me happy.  It is not that I am replete with grudges against half the world, it’s just that maybe those people really meant something to me.. which is why I find it hard to erase an episode from my memory all together. Saying that I’ve ‘moved on’ or that ‘I’m indifferent’ are my pet dialogues which I use to counter unpleasant memories – I call such moments the ‘self counseling therapy’.

I used to have horrid intervals during my sleep; and not just that, they would be stained with a one word question and the annoying state of semi consciousness. In my mind, awake or asleep, I’d repeatedly ask that one word question to every single entity I encountered – God, siblings, friends, parents, the mirror, my neighbor’s dog – I asked everyone, ‘why?’.

My stumbling decisions, if not solely, is majorly responsible for where I stand today. My experiences have been bittersweet. This letter goes out to everyone who, rather unfortunately, constitutes to the bitter ingredient.

To all of you who;

mocked me at school and made me belief that I did not belong amongst you.

thought that I needed special English language classes to ever be able to communicate in what happened to your first language.

would let me play or sit with you only if I wore a paper bag to hide my face.

would deliberately compare your skin tones with me only to be able to label me ‘brown’.

pretended to be close to me, who pretended to know me, who pretended to care for me. I saw it all vanish over night. All it took to break that bond was either a person’s baseless gossip, a small argument over the phone or a chance to take a stand. I must say, you all acted well.

I don’t even know how I feel about such people. I don’t know what to say to you. But I can state with much certainty that as of now, when I have a million faces rushing through my mind, I can’t take a single name when I have to say ‘I hate you.’. I don’t. Maybe I’m lucky? Maybe I’m unusual? Or maybe I have better things to do..

See all of you may have been, or probably still are, much smarter than me; but stay assured that your version of your life never was and never will be more important than how I see my life. You may have succeeded in making a lot of people question their existence but I want you to know that there was nothing that you could ever take away from those people. You had empty threats and pointless taunts to use as your weapon and those can never make a person believe that he/she is worth nothing.

I hope you realize how you are damaging your own life. Living each day with the firm belief that no one could ever walk over you as easily as you crush others; I pity you all.

I spend a number of days in my life trying to figure out my role in the grand play; thanks to you guys. I kept asking myself ‘Am I even supposed to be here?’, ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘Am I eligible to participate let alone winning?!’, ‘Oh crap I’m brown – I was created to drown myself in the sink!’. I regret wasting all that time – or infact? Maybe I don’t regret anything at all. I may not have been the person that I am today. I may not have been so strong. I may not have been able to cherish some great friends who are more than just a part of my life. I may not have been writing my heart out wanting my urges to reach out to my readers.

There can’t be and there shouldn’t be any compromise when it comes to demanding respect for yourself – & it always begins with respecting your own self. I may have never stood tall had you not knocked me down to the floor and for that weird, ambiguous reason, I thank you all.


30 day Letter Challenge, memories

Beyond the boundary of memories 2

Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
~T.S. Eliot

Dedicated to all those people who have to watch a loved one live the Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)..
Love you Dadi

Here you are, my sweet grandchild..
Wrapped in your blanket, like a freshly bloomed rose..
My smile is endless as I celebrate you..
Your tiny bubbly feet and a perfect pink nose..

Is it too soon for me to say all this?
To dream of how you’ll grow up to be,
To pray for your life being full of bliss
It probably is too early you see..

But even if I don’t say it all.. I’ll just admire you today..
Let me build my dreams and hopes about you..
Let me build your future starting this day..

I adore you more than words can say..
The way you move and all your smiles..
Let me capture everything before I’m gone..
I want to be with you for a little more while..

As I stifle with a million fears ..
Worrying to protect you and to always be there..
You see I just want to be sure that life is kind
For I won’t be there forever; one day at rest would be my soul and mind..

But no matter where I am
Whatever the time or place may be
One thing that I’ll always keep..
are all your precious memories..

Yes my dear, of that I’m sure
I am as confident as I can be..
I only pray that the AD doesn’t find me..
for if it does.. it’ll take away my most treasured keep

What would I do if it steals my mind from me..?
Would I remember you.. would I even know me?

I don’t want to part from you..
not now and not ever..
I can’t think of losing your innocent giggles..
but if I’m ever made to surrender ..

Promise me you won’t stop..
Promise me that you’ll carry on
Promise me you’ll become the brightest star I see..
because that’s what I dreamt of you, in dreams that once belonged to me..

Promise me you’ll get by
Promise me you’ll stay..
Promise me you won’t be weak..
Not before anything that comes your way..

My sweetheart, I didn’t mean to make you cry,
Here take my hand and listen to me..
I’ll always be with you..nothing can part us..
I’m right there, in your heart you see..

My time has finally come.. but as I drift away..
Promise me that you will always remember all the I had to say..

Be thankful for your life and for the gift of memory..because this is true,
For I can’t tell you how painful it is to not remember who are you..

Promise me that when you look up at the sky you’ll always find it blue..
Promise me that even if the AD creeps into your mind,
You’ll never forget how much I loved you..



Moving forth..

I have been slacking off from writing a blog for the past few days because of an upcoming exam. Nope, I haven’t been busy studying for it; I’ve been busy stressing out about it.. After having a wreckful week at work, I finally decided to spare sometime and write today – I need to empty up my system a bit to be able to focus on my books.

So it was the first day of a new year yesterday and well.. it seemed like any other day. I went out for dinner on new year’s eve and I began asking almost everyone on the table what was the most memorable event of 2010 for them. I just wanted to feel excited about the clock striking 12 and everyone screaming ‘haaapppyy new year!’. I guess I’m just getting old because it was just another 12 o clock, just another morning the next day .. and no Santa didn’t visit me this year either so what the heck?!

The idea of writing this blog undoubtedly signifies my escape from being neurotic about my exam and also I’m hoping to earn some motivation by the time I type out the last word. It’s not going to be anything fancy – just a bunch of events that either made me smile, cry, pull my hair, burn or curse out loud. But throwing in random events would make me dizzy when I’d come back to read this post; so I’m going to categorize it all as per person. Hmm.. It’s been half an hour since I got up and here I am, sitting with my cup of immense joy (aka, tea) and writing this – so let’s see who I can think of and what events I would want to freeze on my 2010 diary!

Family for beginners and then it’ll just get random..

Dad – apart from the several things that you’ve done to make me smile and jump this year, I can most clearly relive the moment back in January (around the first week) when I received a text from you while I was busy at work. It was about a gift I had given to you and mum for your anniversary. Even though gifts are never going to suffice for how I feel for you both, I remember how your text put a smile on my face. There’s no better feeling than to be there for your family, to do something for them even if it is something as little as having a meal together – and that I’ve learnt from you. This year’s ‘big thing’ is our new house and all the events we’ve had in setting it up – right from sleeping on the floor to having 15 carpenters practically living in the house! And then the making of your movie room.. In a week’s time it’ll be a year since we moved in here – and so far it’s been super adventurous & great! Oh and the second big thing has to be your dual surgeries… those were weird days.. I don’t want to go back to remembering what it felt like to see you in the OT.. I’m so thankful to God that it’s over.. and you must start walking and quit smoking! There, that’s your new year’s resolution! You are and will always be my hero – but that cigarette is just not cool. 😛 *high five* 😉

Mum – mommmmyyyy!! I know I’ll have to beg you to read this! 😛 ummm 2010 memories..? we have our daily little events 😛 about a month ago when I called you from work and I was ‘thissss’ close to having a complete breakdown; it was and could only be you who knocked some sense into me. I love coming back home and lying down on your lap while you are praying and I love bugging you every time you are in the kitchen… It’s the end of another year and you guys have you’re big anniversary coming up.. I hope this year can be a complete blast! *

Dee – the best memory with you for this year, apart from all your crazy sleepovers, has to be Shaima appi’s nikah day when all of us followed your lead when it started raining cats and dogs – it was unbelievable how a mommy like you could go that crazy and have sooo much fun! Nofil was epic that day! And then Sameer bhai’s idea of the pepsi fight – that day was one of the best days that summer!

Other than that, I want to freeze the memory of when I showed you Nobi’s scrapbook after working on it for almost two months.. you kept flipping page by page and I was only staring at you.. I forgot all that it took to put that scrapbook together in front of the smile on your face and then the big jumpy hug (which we seldom get :P) .. *mpwah mpwah!*  aaaannndd there’s another big thing about 2010 which I shall mention some other time.. *wink*

Sumz – haiii summmmmmz! What memory man… what what memory?! The only thing I can think of right now is the laughter fit we had day before yesterday… the phone person and the brilliant telepathy I seemed to have with….. the person… 😛 ‘mujhe miss kar rahi ho na?! *blink blink*’ Omg! roflmao!! So 2010 is the year when you finally got an ipod! 😛 hahaha.. but you’ve got to admit .. it was worth the wait.. I wants your Ipode!

Nazish – daadish!! Okay .. without a second thought, 2010 is when you stepped into university life – that marks the beginning of a completely new episode. Now it’s all about moving out of uniforms & dressing up formally for presentations, meeting new people, learning through trial and error – its like a whole new experience and I’m sure it’ll be great! I wish you all the best in life and soon, on some other new year blog, I’ll be saying .. ‘hey nazish! You’ll be graduating this year!!’ J

Nobi – baabbbyyy!! Every single day is full of memories when it comes to you. You began this year by only trying to repeat what everyone said and look at you now! You come up with your cute little conversations and make me go ‘aaaw’ endlessly … I watch your ‘Oh ppplllleeeeaasssse’ video every single day and I absolutely love it! You’re always going to be aani’s prince charming!

Fik – this summer was great wasn’t it? The endless photo sessions, the dance practices (btw, you and I are the best partners ever! *high five*), the lawn-puddle fun… aaah so many memories this year.. inshallah the summer of 2011 is going to be even better! Can’t wait to see you guys again! 😉

OHK/Meji – okay, so I’ll go one by one, OHK – *nod* haha I need another way to address you! So the only 2010 memory that I can think of with you being around is us having popcorn and watching the cricket match while a bunch of monkeys (ahemm *cough*) were practicing a dance for Hira’s wedding. What a flop movie that was! I mean that particular dance.. not the wedding of course.. *eyes roll* 😛 oh and then I was the first person with whom you had your first bbm chat!! Now that is a memory! *high five*

Memi!! Dude I can go on and on and on about what I want to freeze as a memory with you! The craziness never ends does it?! So it was earlier this year when you, me and rameza went out shopping and it began raining like crap!…well not crap..nevermind. You’ve gotto admit, I’m an awesome driver! Haha! Hira’s wedding days were crazy.. they were just…. perfectly insane. Sore feet, never ending dance practices, random eating habits, laughter fits, Tabish’s epic performance! hahaha there’s just so much.. oh and the ride back home from her mehndi if you remember? Those creepy guys running a marathon on bicycles on the main road! Aah man, it’s been a crazy year.. see you soon and we shall partayy all over again! 😉

Tweety – the one big thing about this year was you completely vanishing from the face of this world and freaking the hell out of everyone! For whatever happened, I can’t tell you how proud I am of you for how you stood up and faced everything. You inspire me to never be afraid of anything so long as you know that you are right. It’s easy said but life isn’t the bubbles all the time.. sometimes the only thing that bothers you the most is your own shadow and it seems like there can never be an escape. Well, nevertheless, the only way to get rid of a shadow is to turn off the lights, to stop running away and face what your fear the most. That way you’ll know what you’re capable of & that’s exactly what you did. It’s okay to breakdown every once in a while, we all do whether we admit it or not, but what’s important is to come out stronger and better. I hope the coming year brings tons of joy in your life.

Iish – hmm.. 2010 .. check! This year has been soo soo special because you graduated AND got a job AND never gave me treat! *chasing to kill you!* Apart from that remember when I came to your place for a stay and how we craved for biryani in the middle of the night.. and only after we placed the order we realized that we didn’t have enough cash with us! and then the surprise you gave me when Sameer and Rasha picked you up for the bbq and slumber party at my place.. – what.a.surprise that was *wink wink* hehehe! 😛

Looking forward to many many more years of complete craziness with you!

Baby dear – *biggg hug* this year is going to be memorable because for the first time in 6 years I came to know a completely different side of you. Eventhough we whine about the same thing.. *sad high five* it’s kind of creepy how we laugh about it too. I think the insanity is finally going up to our heads now.. things are going to be better definitely; we have no other choice but to believe in that and just hang in there!

Champ – CHAMP!! This year has been no different.. my trip to Jordan is still pending L it’s been how long since we haven’t met..? 5 years? I really hope I get to see you soon.. miss you

AJ – 2010! Big year for you too.. mommy! sheesh, it’s creepy how we’ve known eachother since grade 1! Wow.. from being all geeky and ugly to me being super slim and hot and you being fat and married! Haha.. naah, you’re the super hot mommy now! And hey, about the little talk we had a few days ago, just stick to it okay.. no more being a cranky woman with borderline personality issues! You’re way beyond all that junk..  love you to bits hun!

My best friend’s best friend – I totally hate you because my best friend says you’re her University best friend *kick*  jk, your company is a lot of fun always and the basant events/concerts would never be the same without someone as crazy as you! All the best for always!

Lionel hutz attorney at law – DUDE! I couldn’t think of a better nickname! So you’ve become a proud Barrister this year after which you can’t seem to get over your life in BristOl! And even if it’s not the ideal job, you’ve stepped into your career life and become part of the workforce. (doesn’t that totally suck?!) It’s been great knowing you so far because in the middle of all the whining we both do, I learn so much from you every time you tell me ‘btw, this is a serious lecture’. Keep blogging about how much you love work – it’s my chance to reminiscence about those roughhousing days of my first job. *cheers*

The coolest memon I know – there! I found a nickname for you! Even though it’s more like a nick-story and not just a name.. but whatever.. so wow .. this year has been super special! You’re love life’s perfect climax mashallah and you’re all set to be a mommy now! Go back to the LLB days.. from all that chaos to the end of another year.. It’s been a long, awesome ride with you so far.. and inshallah the coming year will unfold a lot of happiness and joy!

Snoopy – I hate to admit this but me totally hearts you!! This year has been absolutely crazy .. from you calling me a million weird names, to me constantly bugging you at work, to you advising me never to marry an army wala 😛 haha your first reaction went something like…’abbey tum nikaah naama sign karogi ya apna death warrant?!’ To have a friend and a mentor like you can barely be expressed in words.. Looking forward to this year’s summer when you shall be getting married (inshallah) and I’ll be pointing at you laughing my head off! *flies and kicks and you dies!* Cheers!

Goofy – hey! end of another year.. known you since O’levels..? We’ve practically grown up together. This year hasn’t been the best for you but hey, my bro is a champ..! and what you did a few weeks ago should never – and I mean it – never happen again. Life’s too short to be upset all the time.. sometimes I wish we could go back to being all careless and wild like we were in school.. but nothing stays the same hai na?.. look at us now.. you’re almost wrapping up grad school .. I’m planning to go for a masters degree… eeeew bro! We’re getting old!! Yyukk! 😛

Just hang in there until all the weird things are over okay, because whether your having fun or going through a rough patch, the clock is always ticking..constantly telling us that time shall pass. Inshallah this year will be full of bliss for everyone.

Johnny bravo – only if you were as cool as him.. sigh.. haha 😛 Well, I’ll be honest, I was double minded of whether or not to put you on this list because there’s just too much of all that I want to say to you but I’ve decided not to, only for the better I guess and I don’t want things to spill out here… So… 2010 has not been one of the best years when I think about it with you in the frame but thanks to the experience, there’s been a lot to learn from. So I guess everything balances out.. The other day I was thinking about the time when you had just begun university and how you were always unsure about how this road would wind up.. but here you are now.. nearly there hunh? 🙂 I’m not sure if anything’s going to ease my qualms but I surely am proud of how you pulled this through. I wish you all the very best for always.

Boo boo – Haven’t known you for too long but I thoroughly enjoy your company. Apart from being my trouble shooter at work, you’re probably one of the few people who I can talk to about an issue and feel relieved. It’s so relaxing when we go on the rooftop of our office building, look down at the bedlam of our city and smile at the wonders of life. It’s been great knowing you so far and I hope the relationship only strengthens with every coming year!

SK – you seriously need to stop swearing. Like seriously. And for all of you who are reading this, stop judging me. SK, I don’t know you and I don’t see us being friends so stop trying so hard to be so cool all the time cuz honestly, it’s not working buddy. Maybe a little more maturity and grace would help me think a little better of you.. but till then – calm down.

Sq. Leader – with all due respect, I don’t think I can ever go back to respecting you the way I once did, and it’s not just because you sold off a house but because of a lot of other things that existed as strings attached. I don’t even know how I feel about you anymore.. Respect? Hatred? An unavoidable formal relationship? I really don’t know. I just hope that you get to realize your mistakes the easy way.

SB – I’ve written an entire letter to you so I’m not going to go on about how good it is to have someone like you around – again. A few months ago when you called up U of L for me and I said thank you, you told me to thank you once I make it into LUMS.. I’m working hard, wish me luck.. cuz I really want to say that thank you to you..:)

Guru Ji – our gigs totally rock! *high five!* I miss having the regular music classes and I promise as soon as I’m done with this stupid exam I’m going to practice more often. One thing about this year that I relive every time something goes wrong is when we talked about coping up with the different challenges that life throws at us.. I felt as if I was talking to an elder brother that day and everything that you said was totally true. We shall sing about it one day! *wink*

Azeem bhai/Saad bhai – you guys are THE best! Haha I don’t want to mention that particular song here because people might judge you otherwise, but man nobody can sing a better duet than you two! ROFLMAO! You two take our gigs and karaoke nights to a completely new level! *cheers & much love!*

Shaheem/Nofil/Fik – Sham, you have a talent when it comes to dancing. True story. 😛 Nofil, baby you’re an awesome singer and I can’t wait to see you guys next year and hear you sing again! Fik, make sure to bring your guitar this time.. oh and then all three of you could sing hallelujah! *group high five!*

Tashi appi/Faisal bhai – This year has given you two the best gift anyone could ever ask for! Shaham is the cutest, hottie prince of all times! May the coming years be full of little giggles and tons of happiness for you all!

Samsam/farhat – you two have to be another addition on my list of the crazy people I happen to know! Look at you guys! Nearly stepping out of University and you are absolutely insane! Insane to the extent that you guys make me feel like a total looser! 😛

Sam, I love you for always taking the pain of carrying a million board games whenever we plan a stay over… and thank you for always listening to me whenever I want to read out what I’ve written lately and then giving me some brilliant ideas of how to improve it.

Farhat, you definitely win at having more black dresses than me! For God’s sake, show me a colored version of yourself.. 😛

love you two!

Mr. Kazmi – hahaha that name itself makes me laugh too hard! And don’t tell me ‘oh that’s how they address people here you know..’.. Yes I know, but that as your msn name?! Really?!? Haha jk.. It’s been yet another great year with you being there.. Even though I understand how absolutely difficult it must be for you to stick around 😛 hahaha! But honestly, you mean a lot to us and I hope to see you in the ‘People in my Life’ frame always!

HEC – Screw you!

Sharo/Nash/M – there is so much I want to say but I’ll just save it till the next time we meet! For now, I came to know a completely different side of you guys this year and I must say, I respect you and your family a lot more now. Keeping driving the world crazy.. it deserves it! 😉

I can’t think of anyone else at the moment.. but thanks to everyone who I’ve laughed with this year – you guys made my day! And thanks to everyone because of whom I cried or got upset – you guys only made me stronger..

Life certainly is too short for us to whine all the time.. just be present in the moment, just be yourself, if you want to scream go ahead scream .. if you want to laugh for no damn reason .. laugh.. your life is your stage, dance each day away! do whatever what you want to do.. be who you want to be.. nobody can tell you for sure that there will be a tomorrow.. what has to happen will happen regardless of how you spend your day today.. what matters is how much you’re prepared to face whatever is coming your way. And for that you need to stay mentally strong.. and to be mentally strong you need to stay content.. you must be happy. That’s the only way to be able to look at the bright side of the ugliest of all things. There are certain things that I desperately want to have in life.. but this past year.. I’ve realized that no matter how much I try, no matter how sincere my efforts are.. I can’t hold onto anything.. from all things that I wanted to keep and I lost this year, I learnt that I can’t write my destiny.. I have only been given a choice.. to either run away and hide from everything that upsets me.. or to face it. And running away is no good.. because whenever I’m tired of running and I decide to stop, I will eventually be facing what I could’ve faced long ago. So I guess all of us should stop calculating the odds. There are no odds. People say, oh you’re going through a really tough time..I hope you survive.. look at the odds..? I ask, what were the odds of someone who died in a plane crash? Or someone whose business flipped upside down overnight? The odds of those folks were to be partying their life away right? You know what.. forget the odds.. you make every day of your life – and then, the odds just don’t matter.

Happy new year everybody!