My two year old “Son-shine”

My dearest Z,

It seems as if today has come after a long wait … a wait full of hopes and dreams and nothing but endless love. May such ‘waits’ continue to bloom into your birthday for a million years ahead.

Two years is a long time but then it probably isn’t. It’s almost impossible to think about how my life was before you were born – that phase is like a happily forgotten era. At the same time, I can’t believe it’s been ‘two years’ already since you came into my life! Where did time go?!

I am not writing today to talk about all the milestones that you have so gracefully achieved – but rather, let this be a way of celebrating the past two very beautiful years of our life.

I’ve mentioned in my posts before and I proudly repeat that you are not only my strength but you, at your tender age, are my biggest inspiration. Never have I wanted to improve myself for someone as much as I want to be perfect just for you – in every possible way. It’s unbelievably amazing how someone who’s only 2 can create so much eagerness in you to become an ideal – a role model – a mere better version of your own self.

Every single day of the past two years, every moment is so so precious with you. And every passing moment is fragile and dear to me. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for today, the past two years and an entire lifetime of watching you bloom into a beautiful person – my little baby, my son.

My happy place ❤

They say a child giggles with purity in his heart, without any care of the world. I am so ever thankful to Allah for filling my heart and home with those giggles…

They say a child has never ending curiosity, a constant thirst to master every new skill they get their hands on. This determination coupled with your heart-melting innocence makes every single day of my life very challenging but extremely blissful at the same time. So very thankful ya Allah.

And finally, they say with every child, a mother is born. What you have given me baita, no one can ever replace it and no one can ever give me anything better than the gift of being a mother. For this blessing, thank you ya Allah and thank YOU my son…

Although you surprise us every day with how kind, caring and intelligent you are but still – there are a few things I want you to remember. As you grow, you will gradually cross the threshold of home for school and then school for work and so on. You will now realize that this world is an ever changing place. Till today, your amma and baba have been everything that surrounds you but as you grow, make new friends and learn new things because dear son, there awaits for you, a world beyond us. However, just remember, in the middle of all the excitement of exploring new ventures, don’t forget that this world is also temporary. There is a greater cause for why we are all here. Always be kind – be thoughtful – be generous and loving like you already are Z.. and you will see how beautiful your life will become. Work very hard to please Allah and try not to ever hurt anyone, in any way.

The mere thought of all the years unfolding before you gets me very excited and also a bit scared. But for now, I will just be thankful for all the moments that we have enjoyed together. Come what may, I have never taken our times of togetherness for granted – I have always valued this time that we have together – I know these years are precious and they will never come back. I hope you learn to appreciate ‘today‘ as well.

There’s so much that I want to say and there’s no way my words will ever articulate how I feel. I am just so thankful for having you as my son and I pray to Allah that I can remember all the finer nuances that fill our daily lives – all the little jokes, all the fun we have and the countless adorable things you come up with everyday! I hope my heart can always hold the beauty of every breath that I take with you and I hope that when it comes to you, my memory outlasts every moment captured by a photograph or a video of yours.

May you have the best of both worlds ya Rab!

Happy birthday my “Son-shine” !





2 thoughts on “My two year old “Son-shine””

  1. Happy BIRTDAY to my little Master Z….
    Nazan.. how can you express your feelings as mother of Z in this small blog…
    I understand…
    You should be a proud mother for the way you have put your efforts in upbringing of ou Z…
    I salute you for that.. not bcz you are my daughter but bcz the way I see Z….
    Masha Allah I find him above average in all respect among others of same age group..
    May Allah protect our Z from evil eyes..
    And dhayr saree DUAIN
    Nana loves you Z…

    1. Love you so much Abbu.. JazakAllah for always encouraging us and appreciating our efforts in raising our children… i hope we can be as good as you and ammi are.. 🙂
      Nana abbu is Z’s favorite! ❤

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